Sophie Howard Reviews: Is Sophie Howard a Scam?

Sophie Howard Reviews is a self-proclaimed “Amazon selling queen” who claims to have built a six-figure online business. Her Blue Sky Amazon course promises to teach students how to start a successful FBA business. However, customers are reporting that this program is a scam.

She uses a private label system with a twist, digging up uncommon items and partnering with a designer to make beautiful labels. She then sells them on Amazon.


Sophie Howard is a self-proclaimed “Amazon Selling Queen.” She has launched many online businesses and has earned a net worth of $2 million. She has an impressive list of testimonials that give her credibility. However, some of these reviews may be fake. The internet is flooded with Sophie Howard reviews, so it can be difficult to distinguish the real ones from the fakes.

Sophie’s business model is based on Amazon FBA, which allows you to sell your products through the platform. She teaches you how to source profitable products and create a premium brand in this program. She also teaches you how to market your business and grow it to the next level. In addition, she teaches you how to use the power of social media to increase your sales.

Unlike other programs that focus on dropshipping, Sophie’s course goes beyond this. It offers a comprehensive training on critical business topics, including setting goals and calculating your cost and profit figures. It also covers how to use Amazon seller tools and how to get a corporate license.

Her course is aimed at beginners and advanced Amazon sellers alike. Its first session begins with a discussion of the benefits and drawbacks of the FBA model, followed by an overview of the key requirements for creating a successful business. She then discusses her own success story, showing how she grew her business to several seven-figure businesses.

The second session focuses on sourcing products and building a private label. Sophie explains how to find profitable products and how to set up your product listing page. She also demonstrates how to create a Facebook ad campaign and a funnel for your product.

Finally, the third session covers managing virtual assistants and preparing for a product launch. Sophie also gives advice on finding and negotiating with suppliers, product selection, and vendor management. She also shares her own experiences with outsourcing tasks to VAs and how she manages them effectively. In addition, she provides her students with a free bonus video on creating a website. This is a great addition to her course and will help you create a professional site that will attract potential customers.

Sophie Howard is an entrepreneur and Amazon business coach with several six and seven-figure online businesses. She is a great example of how hard work and determination can lead to success in the eCommerce world. She has created the Blue Sky Amazon training program to teach other entrepreneurs how to source profitable products, follow a step-by-step process, and get started selling on Amazon. She also teaches them how to create a successful brand.

In addition to her impressive model portfolio, Sophie is a very successful e-commerce entrepreneur. She has launched multiple profitable brands and businesses, including a proven private label system for Amazon. Her most recent venture, the organic tea company Higher Tea, is a great example of her proven strategy and her ability to capitalize on trends in the industry.

Her success as an entrepreneur and her expertise in the eCommerce world have helped her build her net worth to over $2 million. She is a true inspiration to anyone seeking to make their dreams come true, and her story should serve as a reminder that it is possible to achieve any goal with hard work and determination.

The current pandemic has accelerated the shift toward online shopping, and Sophie’s successful Amazon businesses are proof that it is a profitable market for entrepreneurs. Her meteoric rise from stay-at-home mom to Amazon guru is a testament to the power of hard work and determination.

Despite her impressive resume, not everyone believes she is a legitimate businesswoman. Some of her critics claim that she has manipulated search results by linking to her overpriced Blue Sky Amazon course. Others believe that her claims are too good to be true, and she is using the pandemic as a cover for her shady practices.

Sophie Howard is an online business coach and entrepreneur who has built multiple successful Amazon businesses. She is also a mother of two young children. She has a passion for helping others succeed and is well-known for her ability to motivate her audience. She founded Product University, a community of entrepreneurs, and Amazon Navigator, an online course that teaches people how to sell physical products on Amazon. She is a frequent speaker at events and has also written several books.

She has launched businesses that have been successful, including one that sold for seven figures. Her other businesses include an organic tea brand and a skincare company. These companies offer a variety of products and generate a healthy profit. While some may argue that her methods are unorthodox, there is no evidence of any illegal activity.

When Sophie first began her journey with Amazon, she was on maternity leave with twins and was looking for ways to work from home while raising her kids. She enrolled in an Amazon private label selling course and learned a lot of useful information. However, she opted to ignore some of the advice from the course and started with a product that was different than what everyone else was doing. Her decision paid off, and she quickly grew her business to over $1 million in sales in just 18 months.

After that, she was able to scale her business and start a second one, which she ultimately sold for 7-figures. She now focuses on coaching other entrepreneurs to build their own e-commerce businesses and achieve financial freedom. She is a great example of how you can make it in the business world by doing things that nobody else is doing.

In addition to her coaching and business-building activities, Sophie Howard is a passionate advocate for mental health and well-being. She regularly hosts events and speaks about the importance of taking care of yourself. She has also founded a non-profit charity, the Sophie Howard Foundation, which supports women and girls who are experiencing abuse.

Sophie Howard is the founder of Blue Sky Amazon, a course that promises to teach you how to start a profitable business on Amazon. She is a self-proclaimed “Amazon Selling Queen” and has sold over 500 products on Amazon. The course is designed to help you create a premium brand, find profitable products, and sell them at a profit. It also includes a weekly group coaching call with Sophie to answer your questions and offer guidance.

The course covers the nitty-gritty of starting an online business and includes several modules. The first one discusses the product messaging, a must-have for every product listing. It is important to produce a product message that attracts customers and highlights the unique features of your product. Sophie also provides tips on how to write a sales letter and a product description. She also offers advice on the best ways to ship your products to Amazon.

In addition to this, Sophie also provides a list of resources and tools to help you get started. These include a Niche Finder Software, a Private Label Product Research Guide, and a Low Content Marketing Guide. The course also includes a coaching call with Sophie and a video tutorial. The course is a great value for the money.

Unlike most other Amazon FBA courses, Sophie’s course isn’t filled with bogus reviews. Instead, she walks the walk and actually has multiple seven-figure businesses. She is a true inspiration for other entrepreneurs.

Sophie’s method is not only effective but also sustainable. She focuses on high-profit, high-quality products with high demand and little competition. This is why her course is so popular with aspiring entrepreneurs. She also teaches how to find long-term and unique goods from suppliers that are hidden from the public eye. Moreover, she provides several case studies and outlines her own experience in building her own Amazon FBA business. In fact, she has even been a speaker at various events around the world. She has a strong passion for helping others succeed in the e-commerce business. Her methods are simple and easy to follow, so you can begin your journey to a profitable online business with confidence.